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Children’s Program

The advantage of our school program is learning in groups according to the age and level of each student. Grouping by age and skill level is as important as general education studies in schools.

This is an important time for the budding ballet dancers to acquire the basic skills of ballet. Creative Dance Program for the youngest students and Pre-Primary and Primary Program for children will facilitate the absorption of the classical dance fundamentals. Here begins the creativity of artist and technique of ballet dancer. This knowledge is the basis of ballet, jazz, contemporary, folk, lyrical dance and other dance forms. The syllabus is designed by child development experts.

Pre-Primary. Ages 5 – 7

Pre-Primary. Ages 5 – 7

Pre-Primary ( ages 5 – 7) level. These are the first conscious lessons of classical ballet, correct posture, and grace. This is the best time to develop the body skills and creativity

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Primary.  Ages 7 – 9

Primary. Ages 7 – 9

Students are taught fundamentals of ballet technique and development of self-discipline necessary to continue study in…

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For older children, read about Youth Ballet Program