Level 2. Age 5-7

This program focuses on the development of coordination through movement, motor skills, listening skills, and the development of a child’s natural creativity. This is the best age to develop their body movement skills in a playful setting. The program introduces children to classical dance and teaches them the first ballet steps. The tasks become gradually more challenging, and their execution is expected to be more precise. This is the first stage of understanding and experiencing Ballet. The children are introduced to the terminology of classical dance, familiarized with the first steps of ballet, step combinations at the barre. These classes help to develop body agility, movement coordination, space awareness, and creativity. Our students practice their first dance arrangements at this level. Age: at least age 5 by September 1st. Age of the students in this group is less than 2 years apart, and we consider this to be important.

Uniforms (leotard and skirt) are available from Ballet Institute.
Pink tights, pink canvas ballet slippers, available from Ballet Institute, as well as Dancer’s Choice

White or black short-sleeved leotard
Black bike shorts
White ankle socks – students may wear any plain thin white socks
White ballet slippers

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