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858 284 0561
7868 Raytheon rd.
San Diego, CA 92111

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It is easiest to get hold of the school administrator or the Artistic Director Ms. Egle is either by emailing or call us at 858 284 0561. Please read (and consider writing) reviews on Google Maps

We are located in San Diego’s Kearny Messa district at

7868 Raytheon rd., San Diego, California 92111

We have three classrooms (2100, 850 and 600 square feet) available for our students as well as for renting for other activities compatible with the use of the Marley (dance) flooring.  All 3 studios/classrooms are equipped with the stereo equipment, barres 7ft high mirrors, wi-fi, yoga mats, high-end Yamaha electrical piano. Studios B and C have lush lighting from outside and well suited for yoga and similar classes. Warm-up room is a cozy hard-wood floored area for students to get together, stretch-out, interact before and after the classes, equipped with phone chargers and low-key lighting. Reception is bright and light, buzzing with parents interacting, siblings working on the Sudoku puzzles (provided), and featuring two restrooms. All area of the school is covered by a strong Wi-Fi signal (provided free of charge to our students and parents).

Studio A. 2100 SQFT. Equipped with a Hi-Fi Stereo system (Bluetooth and 3.5 mm jack connections for tablets, laptops, smartphones) and Excellent Yamaha  DGX-660 electric piano.

Studio B. 850 SQFT. Equipped with high-end stereo equipment (bluetooth and 3.5 mm jack connections available), mirrors, Barres.

Studio C. 600 SQFT. Equipped with mobile speaker system (bluetooth and 3.5 mm jack connections available), mirrors, Barres.

Warm-up room. 600 SQFT. Equipped with mirror, stretching and exercise equipment, electronic equipment chargers. This space can also be used for smaller classes or overflow activities.

Reception is the center of the “backstage action”, where parents and siblings congregate to interact, do the homework or  internet research (and/or shopping), play games and solve puzzles. Plenty os seating and high-table are made available for the confort of those who choose to wait for the students. Electronic equipment charging as well as fast Wi-Fi help everyone to use the waiting time productivelly.

There is plenty of dedicated and street parking when you arrive to the Ballet Institute. Park in front, side and back of the building, and use street parking in the overflow situations.

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