Level 1. Age 3.5 to 5

Children who are ready to be in a class by themselves will begin to learn the basic elements of creative movement and dance. The children explore movement qualities, musicality, and fantasy expression through movement. Within this creative environment, the little ones become more familiar with their bodies and learn to coordinate their movement through space. Our playful classes are aimed at developing the way a child moves, concentrates their attention, and coordinates their body. Surrounded by classical music and dance, children are learning the techniques of warm-up and stretching. They are also introduced to flexibility exercises and body plasticity. Every week we enhance both our bodies and minds!

Time commitment: flexible, – choose to attend one of the classes or all of them for faster progress

Girls: Uniforms (leotard and skirt) are available from Ballet Institute. Pink tights, pink canvas ballet slippers, available from Ballet Institute, as well as Dancer’s Choice Boys: White short – sleeved leotard Black bike shorts White ankle socks – students may wear any plain thin white socks White ballet slippers

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