Fleur de Danse. Ballet Insitute’s End-of-year Performance

WHEN: June 3rd, 2023 3 PM (duration – 3 hours with 15 min intermission)
WHERE: PHAME Performing Arts Center: 6702 Wandermere Dr, San Diego, CA 92120
TICKETS: TuTuTix $15 for children, $25 for adults

The End-of-season Recital promises to be a spectacular showcase of talent and artistry. Each level of The Ballet Institute’s students will perform a range of group dances learned throughout the season, which will highlight their progress. In addition, the recital will feature solo classical and contemporary performances that will highlight the individual skills of each dancer.

This year we are introducing the student-created and performed choreographer’s showcase which is set to be a highlight of the event, as the audience will witness the creative vision of the school’s talented students-choreographers brought to life on stage. This Performance is not to be missed.


BISD Year-end performance

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