Elementary 2 level. Age  7-9

The program includes classical ballet technique, body conditioning, stretching and variation. For students who expect to make strong progress, we recommend taking the full program of the Elementary 2 Pre-Pro level.
The most ambitious students (ballet skills, attendance, commitment) of Elementary level can start individual classes and preparation for solo performances, competitions and more serious ballet education.
The elementary program covers the basic elements of correct postural alignment, weight transfer, small poses, first rules of barre work: spacing, transitioning, hand position on the barre. This is a particularly important level as it establishes vital foundations upon which future classical ballet training will be built.
Body conditioning and stretching classes in this level are extremely important for a student’s future success and progress. The program includes ballet, body conditioning, contemporary, variation classes.

Uniforms (leotard and skirt) are available from Ballet Institute.
Pink tights, pink canvas ballet slippers, available from Ballet Institute, as well as Dancer’s Choice

White short-sleeved t-shirt. Black bike shorts or ballet tights. White ankle socks – students may wear any plain thin white socks. White ballet slippers

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