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Pre-primary. Ages 5 – 7


Ages 5 – 6 program focuses on coordination, development of motor skills, listening skills, and the development of a child’s natural creativity. This is the best age to develop their body skills in a playful setting.

The program is designed to introduce children to the classical dance and to teach them the first ballet steps. The tasks are more challenging and their execution is precise. This is the first stage of understanding ballet and feeling it.

The children learn the terminology of classical dance, familiarise themselves with the first steps of ballet training, step combinations at a barre, at the center of the dance floor, moving diagonally and in a circle. These classes help develop body agility, movement coordination, space awareness, creativity. Our students practice their first dance arrangements.

Age: at least 5 by September 1st
Time commitment: 3 classes per week. Flexible schedule allowed. 

The group is attended by children whose age difference is no more than 2 year. In our view, this is a very important.

Our recommendation for this age and level 2 ballet + 1 body conditioning class. Monday class recommended for more experience students )


Monday           Ballet  at 5 pm -6 pm ( with Egle Spokaite )

Thursday        Body conditioning and stretching at 5 pm – 6 pm +  Ballet at 6 pm – 7 pm (with Victoria Baker. Students have short break between classes )

Saturday         Ballet 9:30 – 10:30 am ( with Egle Spokaite )


White tulle skirt with white ribbon. Can be purchased from BISD
White short-sleeved leotard. Can be purchased from BISD

Black  or Grey jazz shorts

Pink ankle socks or tights – students may wear any plain lightly pink thin  socks
Pink canvas ballet slippers

White or black short-sleeved leotard
Black bike shorts
White ankle socks – students may wear any plain thin white socks
White ballet slippers

1 quarter: 2-month session

Full Program:  3 classes per week –   $320 per 8 week quarter  ( $ 160 for 1 month price with discount )

Single class / Placement class – $ 20

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