Jasmine and Pearl back from WBC finals

Jasmine and Pearl Van Zoests just landed with their parents and BISD Artistic director Ms. Egle from a week-long trip to World Ballet Competition 2018 Finals. Each is bringing back the awarded scholarships to celebrate their achievement in their age categories. We got to know how strong we are in the world of ballet, and Most importantly, we made new friends: Emile, the students from Ms. Egle’s Lithuanian Ballet school was also taking part in the finals and made friends with Jasmine and Pearl.

This is the strongest youth competition I have seen. You have to spin 4-6 pirouettes and more just to be in the top 15. It makes me cry, and shiver to feel the music the sense of humor and stage drama. Their teachers are young, names unknown, they come from different countries. I saw the most unforgettable “Raymonda”. Being here made me ponder “what is the 21st-century ballet”, as bombastic as it sounds, and still? Ms. Egle


Jasmine Classical variation

Classical Variation by Jasmine

After Gamzatti variation

Jasmine and Egle Waiting for scores

After contemporary

Lithuania meets San Diego

Ms. Egle supports her School’s in Lithuania Student Emile

WIth Ms, Sylvia and Emile

Ms Egle’s Student Emile from Lithuania meets student Jasmine from USA

Sending love out

Rule #6: do not take yourself so seriously

27 countries, 30 US states represented

Welcome Home – Jasmine and Pearl

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