WHEN: August 6 (Tuesday) 3pm

WHERE: Our studio 7868 Raytheon rd.

WHAT: 2-hour Master Class with Renee Kester for the Intermediate and Advanced level students from any school ($45). Please RSVP at info@balletinstitutesd.com

Born and raised in Seal Beach California, Renee Kester knew she wanted to be a professional dancer at age 12 after a gymnastics injury led her to find a more artistic way of athleticism. Renee was trained first in breakdancing by Hokuto Konishi and Ryan Conferido (now Quest crew). She focused mainly on breaking and hip hop until later exploring modern/contemporary and other various styles, training at Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA) and with Jessie Riley as a mentor. Renee was an original member of Westside Dance Project and Entity. She was the youngest member of Entity and Sonya Tayeh’s company, dancing professionally at age 15. It wasn’t until age 16 when Renee got serious about ballet. She completed her last

Professional Program

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