Esmeralda & Gala

Our show is about a girl with the dream of dance.

The student performance will get you in touch with the Dream of Dance, let you hear and see their personal dreams and gleaming eyes. Not everyone can be a ballerina – but what is the secret? Each one of us feels the Esmeralda passion.
Ballet Institute of San Diego presents its first Ballet performance. Everyone should see and be surprised. Stage, Lights, Music in harmony…

Photo/Video during the event

Photography without flash is OK from the audience. We will also have pro-quality studio pictures taken (studio flashes, background etc.) of the dancers. Enjoy the performance itself.
Video. We will have 3-camera setup-up around the room and behind the stage and thus would prefer not to have extra tripods and people in the walkways. But if you want to take videos from your seats, that is fine, we are not going to enforce any kind of policy this time.

Time and Place of Esmeralda and Gala

Program for the event

Where: Creative Performing Media Arts Stage (Bay Park)

When: 7pm Friday, May 26th, 2017


Info: 858 284 0561


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