2017-2018 School year in the rear view mirror

and starting New School Year on August 27th

It is lovely to see exhausted and happy students of ours Coming Back from Summer Intensives, Competitions, from visiting their families abroad. To grow into an interesting dancer with something to say in dance, one needs exposure to elements of life, to enjoy the sweetness of winning by experiencing defeat.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”, Dr. Seuss said.

That said, it is great to see students coming back and new students joining in. Please make sure the new students feel welcome, introduce yourselves and other. And make new friends.

We all (parents, students, teachers) should be proud of how much we grew – physically, mentally, spiritually. Below is the partial list of our achievements of the last school year

New Schedule is here
And as always – call Ms. Egle (Artistic Director) and Ms. Hannah (admin and teacher) with questions (858 284 0561).

Past Year in Review. Much to remember, even more to look forward to.

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