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Adult Ballet for Life

Why start ballet classes in the Adulthood, one might ask. I like the thought process outlined in this article from a Seattle-based yoga teacher. Please consider allocating 5 minutes for reading it and start your exploration of the art of Ballet.

As for myself, I stopped my professional dancing career in 2011 and noticed since then how well and how easy I stay in physical and mental shape when teaching Ballet Classes. Consider joining me in this lifestyle.

Egle Spokaite

Founder and Artistic Director, Ballet Institute of San Diego

Introductory-intermediate classes are for students with little or no experience in ballet training or returning to it after some time.  Students will learn and practice correct body alignment, basic positions, basic barre and center exercise movements and ballet terminology.  The classes will strengthen your body and build the fundamental knowledge for the next steps in ballet. In addition to physical body conditioning, we interpret the basics of ballet, ask questions in a comfortable setting and figure out everything about ballet, history, body health, and the art of dance.

Location: 7868 Raytheon rd., San Diego 92111

  • Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

Registration by email needed:

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Dress is informal, but we recommend a t-shirt, leotard or tight-fitting leggings, shorts, ballet slippers (or socks).

Students may wear any form-fitting clothing that they can comfortably move in, such as a leotard and tights or a tank top or t-shirt with exercise pants or leggings.

Adult Introductory Course

10  class card –  $150

Single class $20