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My Soul and Body Ballet

Exercises and movement for adults (seniors)

Egle Spokaite, Prima Ballerina of Lithuanian National Ballet, Educator, Actress and Speaker, Artistic director of Ballet Institute SD is leading a 6-week course (2 pm on Fridays, starting Feb 3) will lead the Practice at the San Diego Oasis. The current class is over the capacity, and to join the waiting list go to San Diego Oasis website.

The benefits of practicing ballet are far reaching. It is an adaptation of the classical ballet and dance to suit those of us with knee problems, vertebral fusions or just stiffening of the joints. It is not only physically that you become stronger and more flexible, but you become more aware of your movement and postural habits. Low mood dissolves, self-confidence growths. This gradual approach to Ballet is very uplifting. No previous ballet experience required.
Close your judging eyes, listen and dance.

I am thrilled to see that Ballet has evolved enough to include pedagogy for older adults.  I have found that in caring for older adults in my work as a care manager—that women in particular continue to want to look good and feel pretty. It would be great to expand on this idea as movement results in improved mental health and better management of chronic conditions and pain management. 

Elaine M. Northcutt

Member of "San Diego Oasis"


5500 Grossmont Center Dr Suite 228
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San Diego Oasis

Fresh New San Diego Oasis Location: 5500 Grossmont Center Dr Suite 228 La Mesa 91942 CA

Attire (also see pictures below)

I would recommend attire suitable for movement and at the same time feminine that makes you feel beautiful and good. For example leggings together with something like a skirt. Also, a fitting top, but not too tight so you can move freely, jazz shoes with the small heels or without heels. Dark colors preferably, black, grey, burgundy… if you do not have them – not to worry, just come with neutral-colored socks and we will talk about it in the first class. Sincerely, Egle Pictures adopted and inspiration credited to the movement in the UK

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